Don't trash your Household Hazardous Wastes (HHW) 

Items such as poisons, paints, oil, solvents, automotive fluids, cleaners, herbicides and many others must not be dumped into the regular garbage.  It is also ILLEGAL to dispose of "Universal Wastes", such as Household Batteries, Fluorescent Tubes, Mercury Thermometers and many Electronic Devices in the trash or landfill.  

Common Household Hazardous Wastes
The following is a list of most common HHW materials, click any item below to display a list of companies that accept that type of material.  Only SOME of these materials are accepted at local HHW Facilities listed below, so prior to transport please be sure to contract your local facility to verify acceptance of the materials to be discarded.

* Material type is not accepted by some or all of the local HHW Facilities.

Transportation Limits: Residents - 15 gallons or 125 pounds, Small Businesses - 27 gallons or 220 pounds. No containers larger than 5 gallons. Please call or visit facilities website for additional details on transportation limits and delivery requirements.

Household Hazardous Waste Facilities
Residents can safely discard a wide variety of household hazardous wastes to their local Household Hazardous Waste Facility at no charge.   Must be a resident or qualified small business in specified portion of County to use these facilities (e.g. must be resident or qualified small business in West County to use West County Facility). Click the appropriate link below for information regarding the materials accepted at the facility serving your area (only some of the HHW types listed above are accepted at these facilities and it varies by facility). Please call facility for details about their hours, transportation limits and delivery requirements.

Central County Facility
4797 Imhoff Place, Martinez
(800) 646-1431

East County Facility
2550 Pittsburg-Antioch Highway, Antioch
(925) 756-1990

West County Facility
101 Pittsburg Ave., Richmond
(888) 412-9277

Complete listing of all Household Hazardous Wastes and other materials
Click either category below for listing of all locations or services that accept household hazardous wastes and other materials (listed by type):

For listings of local facilities, collection services or mail-back programs that accept other materials, use our:


  • DO NOT HIRE UNAUTHORIZED HAULERS (in most cases only the local garbage company has been authorized by the City or County to pick-up trash)
  • REPORT ILLEGAL DUMPING (if you witness illegal dumping, every minute counts so provide law enforcement with as much detail as possible right away)

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IMPORTANT - Call vendors/companies first to verify accuracy of information.

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