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Contra Costa County Phase 2 Census Outreach Grants - Mini Grants


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Project Information
  3. 3. Population, Sector, and Language
  4. 4. Additional Info and Required Uploads
  • Step One

    1. Contact and Organization Information

    2. Name of Organization that will implement the grant.

    3. Name of organization that will enter into contract with the County. Please make sure this is the legal name of the organization and it matches tax documentation.

    4. Name of person responsible for grant coordination/implementation

    5. Name of the person who will be signing the contract on behalf of the project.

    6. Please put the mailing address for the contracting organization. This is the address your contract will be mailed to. Format: 555 Main Street, City, CA ZIP

    7. If multiple organizations are working together, please list