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CCAS Newsletter - June 2018
Microchip your pet before the 4th of July

Ensure Your Pets Are Safe This Fourth of July

As we head into summer, our focus turns to limiting the number of stray animals coming into our shelters and adopting as many pets as possible to make room for the influx of animals we expect to see in over the Fourth of July holiday. Be sure to check out this month’s blog, which focuses on how to keep your animals safe this Fourth of July, and learn about the many ways you can win when you spin the Wheel of Furrtune – this month’s adoption promotion.
If you have not licensed or microchipped your pet, now is the time to do so! The majority of pets that come in to CCAS over the Fourth of July holiday are unlicensed and not microchipped. Licensing and microchipping your pets greatly increases the likelihood that you will be reunited if your pet becomes lost. Be sure to take advantage of these services that CCAS provides to ensure your pet is home safe where it should be this summer.

Wheel of Furrtune

June Adoption Special – The Wheel of Furrtune (reduced fee adoptions and prizes)

From June 20th - June 29th, all adoptions will be reduced by half or more when adopters try their luck on the Wheel of Furrtune. During the promotion, all adopters will have a chance to spin the Wheel of Furrtune, which features adoption fees ranging from FREE to $60. The wheel also has a “prize” space that will result in the adopter winning an additional prize if they land on that space. There’s no better time to adopt your new best friend because the price is always right when you spin the Wheel of Furrtune!
MOE #A0905715 gives foster mom (volunteer Jaime) a kiss while foster dad (Jaime’s real dad Ken) looks on. Ken fostered Moe, fell in love with him, and decided to add Moe to his family. Moe will live with his dog sister. Welcome home Moe!

CCAS in the News

Blast from the past – That time a friendly, pregnant goat took up residence in an Orinda family’s home.
“Sue Ashby-Colombu was puzzled when she heard a clopping sound at her front door about 7:30 p.m. Monday. What she found made her stop dead in her tracks. ‘Valdo,’ she called to her husband, ‘there’s a goat in the house…[Read more]

Keeping your Pets Safe this Fourth of July

Blog: Keeping Your Pets Safe this Fourth of July

For most people, The Fourth of July is a time for fun and celebration. We enjoy going to, or hosting, parties and cookouts with friends, great food and, of course, fireworks. However, for your pets, the Fourth of July can be a stressful, scary time.  [Read more]


April Stats Available

We have recently compiled our stats and have posted them on our website. Why does it take so long to post our stats? Because we have a 60 day return policy, we want to ensure that our numbers accurately reflect that data.
Some highlights from April include:

  • Live Release Rate – All Animals = 82.54%
  • Live Release Rate – Dogs & Cats = 83.36%
  • Live Release Rate – Dogs = 96.14%
  • Live Release Rate – Cats = 66.09%
  • Adoptions = 173
  • Transfers = 178
  • Overall Animal Intake = 630

                                                   To view the full set of CCAS stats, go here.


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