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Jan 24

New Year's Resolutions

Posted on January 24, 2018 at 9:00 PM by Lori Calvery


Remember that New Year's resolution you made? We're most of the way through January and how are you doing so far? Did it turn out to be more daunting and unenjoyable than you thought? Well, it's not too late to take on a new resolution that's fun, fulfilling and also gives back to your community. What might this incredible resolution be? How about volunteering at Contra Costa Animal Services?

WARNING! You will have to tolerate seeing adorable animals every day that you do volunteer. Depending on your interest, you could be walking dogs or cuddling with kitties. Your day could include playing matchmaker for people looking for a pet who fits their lifestyle. But there's no doubt that what you choose to do, will fill you with visions of cuteness waiting to find homes. 

"Yes, I'm adorable, and you know it!"
"Me too! I'm cute! I'm cute!"
"But nobunny is as cute as I am!"

And that's not all our volunteers do. They help people reunite with their lost pets, by checking animals at our shelter and by providing information on what steps the owners can take to increase their chances of finding their pets. They even help people in need by providing resources to help them keep the pets they love.

Some of our animals may be in need of transportation to a rescue group or to a medical specialist and often our volunteers transport them. For example, our wonderful Blanche, who was recently adopted, needed rides to her doctor appointments at UC Davis. Our volunteers took her there, stayed with her and brought her back. 

"I'm really going home?? Really?? Yaaaay!!!"

And if exercise is something you crave, how about taking one of our athletic dogs on a run as part of the The Running Dog CCAS? Did you know that our volunteers and shelter dogs actually run in organized events? 


If you like cuddling and snuggling and looking after itty bitty baby kitties, we are always in need of volunteers who will foster baby kittens. Without our volunteers, who bottle feed these little ones, many of them wouldn't survive. 

There are so many other incredible roles that our volunteers play, but coming to our Volunteer Orientation is the best way to learn all about it. One thing that's perfectly clear is that YOU WILL have an impact on the animals in our community and YOU will be helping to save lives and make loving connections. Whatever you choose to do, know that YOU are so valued by CCAS staff and animals. And what you get in return is a warm feeling inside, plus a face lick or massive purring (we promise, face licks are only from the animals, not the staff. Purring, on the other hand, could be both.)

So come to our next Volunteer Orientation and learn more about the organization and about volunteering here. Make this your new New Year's resolution that also gives back to you.


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