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May 19

The Kittens are Coming!

Posted on May 19, 2017 at 4:48 PM by Steve Burdo


Forget about the British Invasion - that’s old news. But the Kitten Invasion has just begun! The kittens are coming! The kittens are coming! And they’re coming and coming and . . .  well, you get the idea.

These adorable squeaky little fluffernutters are taking over the shelter and showing up in massive amounts. The crowds go wild, screaming at their cuteness, while we try to figure out where to put them.

Um, it looks like you've got a little something on your head.

The staff chipped in, keeping them in their offices and bottle feeding the babies every three hours, but we’re still running out of space.


With kitten season in full bloom, we are in dire need of your help. We’re looking for foster homes for these furballs of silliness. We’ve got bottle babies and older kittens, all looking for a home to camp out in until they are ready for adoption.
bottlefeed Mmmm, nom nom nom

Just a few weeks stay with you and these babies can then find their forever homes.
Look into my eyes . . . you want to take me home!

You! Yes, you can help out during this kitten invasion by taking some of these adorable babies home. If you’ve never bottle fed a kitten, we’ll show you how. And we’ll provide you with all the supplies you need. Don’t forget, you’ll be saving lives. These young kittens are very vulnerable and need your help while they grow enough to eat on their own.

Not into bottle feeding? We have plenty of kittens who are eating on their own and ready to zoom around who also need foster homes.

If this is something you want to do, please contact Sue Underwood at 925 - 608 - 8425 or email her at


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