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Apr 12

Thank You to Our Animal Control Officers

Posted on April 12, 2017 at 4:49 PM by Steve Burdo

When there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Well, if it has to do with animals, often it will be animal control. Did you know that the job of an Animal Control Officer not only includes picking up stray and injured animals, but dealing with animal bites and attacks and investigating and rescuing animals from cruel situations. These officers often put themselves in harm’s way in order to protect both humans and animals.

This week we are proud to honor our officers during National Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week. But it’s not just this week, it’s every day that our officers are out on the job. Whether it’s scooping up baby ducklings from a sewer drain, or investigating a case of animal cruelty, they work hard to make a difference in the lives of people and animals. Our officers do what they do because they care, and for this reason, we can’t thank them enough.



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