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Mar 15

We’re Having a Pitty Party

Posted on March 15, 2017 at 4:32 PM by Steve Burdo

Yes, we’re having the St. Pitty’s day party to celebrate our beautiful Pitty dogs and you’re invited!

Can I come?

Of course you can come, Monroe! You’ll be one of our guests of honor! This event is organized each year by our wonderful volunteers to bring awareness to dogs like you and to help you find furrever homes.
Is there gonna be food????

Don’t worry Littles, there will be food trucks and music and prizes and demonstrations. The event is on March 26th from 11am-3pm here at our Martinez shelter. It's located at 4800 Imhoff Place.

monroe(female)A843631 Demonstrations? So I can show everyone my head stand trick?

Um, Monroe, I think this picture says it all. And weren’t you actually trying to catch that ball when you ended up on your head?

Bruiser-Chihuahua-male-a876595 Um, excuse me, but why are the Pittys getting all the attention and not me?

Don’t worry Bruiser, we celebrate all of our dogs. But we get a huge amount of Pittys into the shelter all the time. You might even notice that most of our dogs are Pittys.

How come we have so many Pittys?

Well, Layce, a lot of residences don’t allow Pit Bulls. Many apartments, condos, and neighborhood associations prohibit them. And when families can’t find housing that will allow Pitties, they often bring them to CCAS because they have no other options. And some people are also afraid of Pittys because of what they see in the news. Our party gives us a chance to introduce you guys to people so they can see how wonderful you are.
Aw shucks, you think I'm wonderful!

Celine, you’re being silly, and that’s what we love about you. To us, you’re all loving dogs who deserve to be in a loving home, getting belly rubs and kisses. And with your help AND the public’s help, maybe we can change some minds about your breed.

Do you think I'll find a home?

We hope so Guy. We hope all of you do! That’s why we’re also discounting adoptions down to $50 on March 26th.
Me too? I can be adopted for $50 and go to my new home?

Yes Kono, you too. So if you are looking for an opportunity to adopt a fabulous dog or to just see what our Pittys are all about, come one down on March 26th. And tell your friends too.


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