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Sep 29

Who Ya Gonna Call? Contra Costa Animal Services!

Posted on September 29, 2018 at 1:17 PM by Lori Calvery

contra costa animal services
Contra Costa County is a unique animal kingdom of sorts in the Bay Area. We see animals almost every day as we go through our daily routines, whether it be domestic animals such as dogs and cats, or the vast variety of wildlife we encounter due to our unique geography and proximity to open space. With so many animals in our county, it’s only a matter of time before we come into contact with an animal that may need help, or a resident who may need help with an animal.

So who do we contact when we see an animal that is lost, in distress or deceased, or a resident that is having an issue with an animal? In most cases, that will be Contra Costa Animal Services (CCAS). CCAS provides animal control services for all of Contra Costa County (with the exception of the City of Antioch), impounding stray animals, investigating crimes against animals, investigating animal bites/attacks and impounding deceased animals on the public right of way.

CCAS is responsible for enforcing the local and state laws with regards to domestic animals (dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, etc.), sick or injured wildlife and livestock in Contra Costa County.

Specifically, Contra Costa County residents should contact CCAS for any of the issues listed below:

  • Report Animal Bites/Attacks
  • Report Stray Animals
  • Report Deceased Animals
  • Report Sick/Injured Wildlife
  • Report Crimes Against Animals (i.e. Animal Abuse, Abandonment, Neglect, etc.)
  • Report Animals In Distress (i.e. stuck on cliff, caught in fence)
  • Search for Your Lost Animal
  • License/Microchip Your Pet
  • Vaccinate Your Pet
  • Spay/Neuter Your Pet
  • Adopt Your New Best Friend
  • Sign Up To Volunteer
  • Sign Up To Foster Animals  

To inquire about services, or to report an animal issue in your community, please call CCAS at 925.608.8400. You can also find us on the web at  

In addition to the enforcement of county and state animal laws, CCAS also provides a range of low-cost community services to support pet owners in Contra Costa County. These services include:

  • Low-Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic (Weekly, By Appointment)
  • Low-Cost Vaccination Clinic (By Appointment, Every Saturday at the Martinez Shelter)
  • Low-Cost Dog Training Classes
  • Pet Retention Program (To Help Residents Keep Their Pets)
  • Animal Licensing & Microchipping Services  

Contra Costa Animal Services operates two shelters in Contra Costa County - one in Martinez and one in Pinole. The shelters are a great place to look if you’re thinking about bringing a new four-legged family member into your home. The shelter is also a great place to utilize your time, talent and passion for animals as a volunteer. CCAS staff is also happy to provide tours of our shelters to allow residents of Contra Costa County an opportunity to learn about our department and see first-hand all of the amazing work done by our committed staff and volunteers. To learn more about CCAS, or sign up to volunteer, please visit

Additionally, if you are unable to volunteer and would like to help support the animals in our care, you can donate to the Animal Benefit Fund here. One hundred percent of all Animal Benefit Fund dollars go directly to supporting the care, wellbeing and enrichment of the animals.    

While CCAS will be able to address most animal issues in Contra Costa County, there are some animal/wildlife issues that are handled by other agencies. Some examples of issues not handled by CCAS include:

  • Live Wildlife – Any wildlife that is not deceased, sick or injured falls within the jurisdiction of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. If you are experiencing an issue with wildlife, please contact CDFW at 209.234.3420, or online at   
  • Insects & Rodents – Typically, insect and non-pet rodent issues are managed by the Contra Costa County Mosquito and Vector Control District. Contra Costa County Vector Control can be reached at 925.771.6196, or on the web at     

As the provider of animal control services for Contra Costa County, CCAS takes pride in our innovative programs that are helping to save lives. While many shelters adopt the “No Kill” moniker, CCAS chooses to say YES to saving lives. Our 2017 Live Release Rate (LRR) for dogs was 92%, with an 82% LRR for cats and 87% LRR for dogs and cats. As an open admissions shelter, our staff and volunteers pride themselves on the innovations and interventions we have been able to achieve that have resulted in happy endings for the animals that come through our shelters.


Erna Auro
August 10, 2019 at 12:27 PM
I would like to know the status of my report last Thursday 8/2019. I reported my neighbor's dog who was outside their house unleashed and attacked my small dog while we were walking. I was told that an officer will contact me but until now I haven't heard from them. The owner of the dog wouldn't own up to this incident when I went to see him. My dog suffered broken rib, emphysema of the skin and multiple bites from that big dog. My name is Erna Auro and my address is 3200 Benjamin Drive here in Richmond, Hilltop area. You can contact me on my cell 510 551 3347. Thank you and I hope that Ill hear from anyone from you. my email add is

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