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Supervisors J. Gioia, G. B. Uilkema, M. N. Piepho, M. DeSaulnier, and F. D. Glover

Clerk of the Board, John Cullen (925 335-1900)


The Board of Supervisors respects your time, and every attempt is made to accurately estimate when an item may be heard by the Board.  All times specified for items on the Board of Supervisors agenda are approximate.  Items may be heard later than indicated depending on the business of the day.  Your patience is appreciated.




9:30 a.m.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

651 Pine Street, Room 101 (Closed) and Room 107 (Open)

Martinez, California


9:30 A.M.           Convene and announce adjournment to Closed Session, Room 101.






1.            Agency Negotiators: David Mackowiak and Keith Fleming.


Employee Organizations: Contra Costa County Employees’ Assn., Local No. 1; Am. Fed., State, County, & Mun. Empl., Locals 512 and 2700; Calif. Nurses Assn.; Service Empl. Int’l Union, Local 535; District Attorney’s Investigators Assn.; Deputy Sheriffs Assn.; United Prof. Firefighters, Local 1230; Physicians’ & Dentists’ Org. of Contra Costa; Western Council of Engineers; United Chief Officers Assn.; Service Empl. Int’l Union Health Care Workers, Local No. 250, and East County Firefighters’ Assn.


2.            Agency Negotiators:  Lori Gentles and John Cullen.


Unrepresented Employees: All unrepresented agency management employees (Resolution No. 2006/22, including its Exhibits), unrepresented nursing classification employees, and all other unrepresented agency employees.


10:00 A.M.            Call to order and opening ceremonies, Room 107.


CONSIDER CONSENT ITEMS - Items removed from this section (Listed as items C.1 through C.6 on the following agenda) will be rescheduled for a subsequent meeting.


DELIBERATION ITEMS – The Board will consider and take action on the following items:


D.1         HEARING to consider approval of a property tax exchange agreement between the County and the West Contra Costa Healthcare District and approval of related contract documents and appropriation adjustment, to support the continued provision of health care services to the community at Doctors Medical Center, San Pablo/Pinole. (William Walker, M.D., Health Services Director) (All Districts) 


D.2      CONSIDER adopting Resolutions No. 2006/628, 629, 630, 631, 632, 633, 634, and 635 approving the Memoranda of Understanding with the following County labor organizations, respectively, for the period October 1, 2005 through September 30, 2008 (Lori Gentles, Human Resources Director) (All Districts):


·        Physicians’ and Dentists’ Organization of Contra Costa          

·        Professional & Technical Employees; AFSCME Local 512

·        Public Employees Union Local One

·        Public Employees Union Local One FACS Site Supervisor Unit                     

·        Social Services Union, Local 535, Rank & File Unit

·        Social Services Union, Local 535, Service Line Supervisors’ Unit

·        United Clerical, Technical & Specialized Employees; AFSCME Local 2700  

·        Western Council of Engineers


D.3         PUBLIC COMMENT on agenda items. (3 Minutes/Person)


SHORT DISCUSSION ITEMS – The Board will consider and take action on the following items:


SD.1       CONSIDER adoption of Resolution No. 2006/674 in the matter of supporting the Tobacco Tax Act of 2006 (Proposition 86). (Supervisor DeSaulnier) (All Districts)


SD.2    CONSIDER the adoption of a policy to allocate interest accrued in the Road Budget of the Navy Mitigation Fund to the Fund’s Trail Budget; adoption of a policy to allocate $3,500,000 of the Fund’s Trail Budget for planning and construction of the “Great California Delta Trail” in Contra Costa County; directing the Public Works Department to hold public hearings, in coordination with the Districts 4 and 5 County Supervisors and Municipal Advisory Councils, on the reallocation of Navy Mitigation Funds to create more bicycle and pedestrian trails connecting Central and East County, including the “Great California Delta Trail”; and taking related actions. (Supervisors DeSaulnier and Glover) (Districts IV and V)



Adjourn in memory of

Phyllis G. Roff


Elliott W. Smith

CONSENT ITEMS (Items are subject to removal from Consent Calendar by request of any Supervisor or member of the public)


Honors & Proclamations


C.1      ADOPT Resolution No. 2006/671 honoring the opening of the new Hercules Library on November 11, 2006, as recommended by Supervisor Uilkema. (District II)


C.2      ADOPT Resolution No. 2006/673 recognizing Michael Howe for 13 years of service as President of the East Bay Community Foundation, and declaring October 31, 2006 as “Michael Howe Day in Contra Costa County”, as recommended by Supervisor Gioia. (All Districts)


Appointments & Resignations


C.3      APPOINT Gary Najarian to the District 1-B seat of the Alcohol and Other Drugs Advisory Board as recommended by Supervisor Gioia. (District I)


C.4      APPOINT Ida Miles to the District I seat of the Public Authority Advisory Committee as recommended by Supervisor Gioia. (District I)


C.5      ADOPT Resolution No. 2006/670 on Board member assignments to 2006 Board Committees, Special County Committees and Regional Organizations, as recommended by Supervisor Gioia. (All Districts) 


Grants & Contracts                                                 


APPROVE and AUTHORIZE execution of agreements between the County and the following parties as noted for the purchase of equipment and/or services:


C.6          AUTHORIZE the Assistant County Administrator-Director of Human Resources, or designee, to execute contract renewals with the Non PERS Health Plan, Dental Plan, and Life Insurance Plan carriers for the period January 1 through December 1, 2007.  (Budgeted) (All Districts)