Measure X Housing Fund

About the Measure X Housing Fund

Measure X is a countywide 20-year, ½ cent sales tax approved by Contra Costa County voters on November 3, 2020; collection of the tax began on April 1, 2021.

On November 16, 2021, the County Board of Supervisors approved Measure X funding for a new Housing Fund. Beginning in 2023, Measure X will provide up to $12M million annually for housing and related services across Contra Costa County. 

The 20-year total is anticipated to be $258 million. 

Vets Square Affordable Housing for Veterans in Pittsburg

Housing Fund Program Goals

  • Support the affordable housing needs of Contra Costa County residents
  • Top priority to fund affordable housing production and preservation
  • Prioritize filling funding gaps not addressed by other sources
  • Leverage funds wherever possible
  • Maintain flexibility to respond to the County’s housing needs as they evolve  
  1. Measure X Housing Fund - Affordable Housing Funds
  2. Measure X Housing Fund        - Affordable Housing NOFA/RFP
  3. Measure X Housing Fund - Housing and Homeless Services NOFA/RFP
  4. Measure X Housing - Fund Housing and Homeless Services Funds

Affordable Housing Funds

Funds Available

75% of annual housing funds are allocated to Affordable Housing, Homeless Prevention, and related Innovation and Capacity Building projects. 

The Affordable Housing funds are distributed through the Affordable Housing Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) 

Eligible Projects

  • Acquisition, pre-development, construction, rehabilitation, and operating and reserve funds
  • Supportive services necessary to maintain housing, including legal services and rental assistance
  • Housing innovation pilot programs
  • Technical assistance to build capacity of non-profit housing developers and housing service providers
  • Grant-writing

Eligible Applicants

Governmental agencies, non-profit organizations and developers, and for-profit developers

Eligible Area

All of Contra Costa County

Target Population

Households earning less than 50% of area median income (AMI) and persons at risk of homelessness