Healthy Lands, Healthy People - A Carbon Sequestration Feasibility Study

Through a grant from the California Department of Conservation, Contra Costa County is conducting a feasibility study – Healthy Lands, Healthy People – to identify strategies we can use to store carbon dioxide in the many different land uses in our county. What works for agriculture may be different from what works for parks and open space, conservation lands, or towns and cities.

Corn growing in a field

The County is working in partnership with the Contra Costa Resource Conservation District, University of California Cooperative Extension, and Rincon Consultants to develop Healthy Lands, Healthy People.  Throughout 2022, the team will:

  • Develop a report on options for storing carbon in the different natural lands in Contra Costa County. This report will identify strategies that have the best potential to capture carbon, and look at how these techniques might produce revenue and/or reduce operating costs.
  • Develop the first plan to use carbon storage techniques at an urban farm in North Richmond
  • Build out a countywide plan for carbon storage on farms
  • Produce a video in English and Spanish about carbon sequestration
  • Engage with stakeholders across the County

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