NRWC Urban Greening Updates

Mural on Building on Market StMural on building at Market St & Fred Jackson Way

The Fred Jackson Way (FJW) 1st Mile/Last Mile Project, otherwise known as a "complete street" project, is designed to improve bicycle and pedestrian access along FJW, and is well underway. This project is being led by the County Public Works Department’s Transportation Engineering Division. As of January 2022, new, widened sidewalks on either side of this street have been largely completed. Striping and tree planting come next.

The urban greening component of this "complete street" project that is being funded by the Coastal Conservancy Grant has begun: the locations for the 38 street trees to be planted in the sidewalks have been identified and marked (see photo).

One of these street trees will actually be a “Filterra” tree,” i.e. a crepe myrtle tree in a tree well that is designed to provide stormwater treatment benefit. 

The planting of these 38 trees is planned to take place in February – March, 2022.  Stay tuned for additional updates and photographs.

Street Tree Sidewalk LocationsOrange safety posts mark the locations for each of the 38 crepe myrtle street trees that will be planted. Four of these locations are shown here in front of the Fred Jackson Way Community Garden.

FJW Community Garden

The Fred Jackson Way Community Garden, established by neighbors, working with Communities United for the Restoration of Mother Earth (CURME), provides a green oasis in the North Richmond community.

For additional information and updates regarding this NRWC component that is being led by Urban Tilth, go to: