Fred Jackson Way 1st Mile/Last Mile Urban Greening Updates

Mural on Building on Market StMural on building at Market St & Fred Jackson Way

The Fred Jackson Way (FJW) 1st Mile/Last Mile Project, otherwise known as a "complete street" project, was designed to improve bicycle and pedestrian access along FJW. This project has been led by the County Public Works Department’s Transportation Engineering Division.  By January 2022, new, widened sidewalks on both sides of this street had been largely completed, while striping occurred in summer 2022.  The last step to install the urban greening component occurred in late October 2022. The urban greening component of it consisted of adding street trees on several sidewalk portions of this new complete street. Both elements of this subproject of the NRWC have been completed as of November 2022, following almost 2 years of construction.

Over the past 2 years Fred Jackson Way (FJW) has been transformed into a “complete street” with widened sidewalks, removal of barriers for pedestrians, buffered bike lanes, street trees, and an attractive pedestrian crossing for Wildcat Creek Trail users. These improvements have enhanced the main north-south thoroughfare within North Richmond, making it a more welcoming setting for all modes of transportation (i.e., walking, biking, and rolling in addition to vehicles). This project enhances North Richmond's quality of life and community character, consistent with the North Richmond Quality of Life Plan created ‘by’ and ‘for’ the residents of this community.

Urban greening provided the finishing touches on this project to make this complete street even more attractive. This urban greening took place on October 6, 2022 where street trees were planted primarily along the “downtown” section of FJW. Three workers planted a total of 39 crepe myrtle trees on both sides of FJW, instantly making it a more appealing street. The trees also provide shade benefits that will improve over time, which will also serve to reduce the “urban heat island effect” for the residents of North Richmond. All of the crepe myrtles were  in bloom when the  crew planted them.  Workers added  gypsum, fertilizer, and compost to each of the trees as they planted them in tree wells along Fred Jackson Way. Irrigation systems were already in place to ensure the trees’ health and survival particularly over the first several years of their establishment. 

The County would like to acknowledge the State Coastal Conservancy for the grant funding under Prop 1 that made this project possible. (see the NRWC Project Description for details). 

Crepe Myrtle Trees

1. Crepe myrtle trees waiting to be planted on FJW.

Workers planting trees

2. Workers unloading tools and digging tree wells the western side of FJW.

Carrying a crepe myrtle

3. Carrying a crepe myrtle to its new home along FJW.       

Planting Crepe Myrtle Tree

 4. Planting...

Adding compost and fertilizer

5. Adding compost and fertilizer to the soil mix as the trees are planted.

Worker spreads fertilizer on a freshly planted tree

6. Looking north on FJW as a worker spreads fertilizer on a freshly planted tree.

 Pre Construction

7. Photo of Fred Jackson Way (FJW), south of Wildcat Creek, taken before the project began in 2020. 

 Post Construction 1

8. Photo of FJW in about the same location, following completion of the 1st Mile/Last mile and urban greening features 

FJW Community Garden

The Fred Jackson Way Community Garden, established by neighbors, working with Communities United for the Restoration of Mother Earth (CURME), provides a green oasis in the North Richmond community.

For additional information and updates regarding this NRWC component that is being led by Urban Tilth, go to: