Navigation Resources

Stanley the Striped Bass navigating a boatNavigation Resources

Use these resources for safe navigation in the Delta.

U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center - Local Notices to Mariners: Information concerning aids to navigation and waterway management.

NOAA Navigation Charts

Learn more about NOAA Navigation Services by calling (888) 990-6622.

Other Delta Map Resources

Below are other navigation and map resources you can use to learn more about Delta underwater topography, fishing locations, recreational facilities, Delta history, ferry details and annual events.

Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Map for Recreational Boating, 2007

Download the map order form (PDF). Follow the enclosed instructions to call, mail, fax or email you order.

If you have access to a large format printer, you may also download and print the map using the following links. File size is approximately 12MB each.

Front (map side) (PDF), Back (information side) (PDF)

Small image of Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Map

Map Focus: The purpose of this map is to help boaters and the general public conveniently access environmental services within the central and southern areas of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta (Delta). These services are an important means of preventing pollution at its source to preserve and protect the Delta's water quality, so that everyone can continue to enjoy it for many generations. This map is not intended for navigational purposes and is not a comprehensive map of all the marinas in the Delta. Some marina are excluded due to lack of information, a request for anonymity, having a boat capacity of less than ten slips or not being open to the general public.

The Delta Suisun Bay, Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers

Fish-n-Map Company

(303) 421-5994

Map Focus: Underwater topography charts for anglers, fishing locations and recreational facilities, including boat launch ramps and navigational aids.

California Delta

Franko Maps

(808) 678-8688

Map Focus: A complete map and guide of the San Joaquin and Sacramento Rivers for boaters, anglers and everybody who loves the California Delta.

Fishing Guide

California Department of Fish and Wildlife


Map Focus: Recreational map for anglers, including fishing sites and access points throughout the San Francisco Bay Delta system.