Program Partners & Supporters

Delta Watershed Boating Program Working Group

The Keep the Delta Clean Program (KDC) is implemented in partnership with the Contra Costa County Public Works Department, Sacramento County Stormwater/Water Resources Department, San Joaquin Department of Public Works, Solano County Stormwater/Water Resources Department, Yolo Planning Resources and Public Works Department, City of Stockton, California Coastal Commission and the California Department of Boating and Waterways.

Representatives from these agencies formed the Delta Watershed Boating Program Working Group (DBP) to collaborate on the development and implementation of Phase II of the KDC. View the Phase I background. The DBP is also working in cooperation to accomplish the associated tasks as outlined in the grant agreement between Contra Costa County (acting as lead agency and in representation of the DBP) and the grant funding agency, the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB).

During Phase II the DBP, in partnership with local Delta marinas, will install and promote marina-based pollution prevention infrastructure, including but not limited to a minimum of 50 pet waste stations, 50 recycling bins, 13 fishing line recycling centers, 10 cigarette butt bins, 10 informational kiosks, three certified used oil collection center and 10 oil absorbent exchange centers. As of September 2007, 25 marinas have agreed to provide locations for and management of these environmental services provided by the KDC.

Marine Partners

Marina operators and harbor masters from participating marinas play a vital roll in the KDC Program as Marina Demonstration Sites, the front line for educating boaters. They also serve as role models to other marinas that are working to adopt more environmentally conscious operations. The KDC Program attributes much of its success to these facilities and their staff  through their commitment to sustaining the health of the Delta and active participation maintaining environmental services for the boating community.

Supporting Organizations