Bay Area Test Site (BATS)

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Many companies operating in the Bay Area are developing UAS technologies and products that need aviation testing and development environments.  These companies have been traveling to remote locations or out of state to perform testing because of the restricted and crowded nature of the Bay Area airspace and neighborhoods. BATS solves this acute problem by providing two welcoming aviation-testing sites in close proximity to San Francisco and Silicon Valley.


  • Location, Location, Location: Buchanan Field and Byron Airports are located just 30 miles from downtown San Francisco and 50 miles from Silicon Valley, providing businesses with close-to-home locations for their employees.  Easy access is available via BART and freeways.
  • Airspace:  Two different aviation testing environments allow businesses to grow in place: Buchanan Field is an FAA controlled airfield in Class D Airspace and Byron Airport is an uncontrolled airfield in Class G Airspace, going up to 700 feet.  
  • Facilities:  Both airports have a selection of offices, workshops and hangars available for short-term and long-term lease. 
  • Services: There are full-service aviation providers at the two facilities that include pilot training, aircraft rental, aircraft maintenance, avionics, fabrication, aircraft storage, fuel, and other specialty aviation services.
  • Positive FAA Relationships:  We have strong relationships and a proven track record with the Federal Aviation Administration and will eagerly assist companies to acquire the required operational and/or airspace permits/waivers.
  • Business Forward: Support at the County’s highest political level, staff concierge service, numerous support service options readily available, short and long term leases, and flexibility to grow and move between facilities.

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