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The Sustainability Exchange is a quarterly gathering for local government staff in Contra Costa County who work on sustainability issues to network and learn from one another. If you report to a Board or Council that is elected, you are welcome to join us!

The Sustainability Exchange launched in January 2017. Every meeting includes time for networking and learning about the work of others in Contra Costa County, as well as a topical presentation and opportunity to reflect in small groups. Topics and notes from prior meetings are posted below.

In addition to providing education and networking opportunities, the work of the Sustainability Exchange has led to a $200,000 grant from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District to launch Cleaner Contra Costa, an online platform that will allow County residents to register the actions they are taking to reduce damage to the climate. Cleaner Contra Costa is expected to kick off in the fall of 2018.

Exchange Presentations

July 1, 2020:
Topic: Microgrids: From Concept to Reality
Click here for the meeting notes.
Click here to see the presentation from Terra Verde and discussion.
If you would like to sign up for Terra Verde blog article updates, you can do so using the form at the bottom of this article on Evaluating the Potential of a Microgrid.

April 14, 2020:
Topic: Sustainable Paving
Click here for the meeting notes.
Click here to see the presentation from Dr. John Harvey from UC Davis, Director of the City and County Pavement Improvement Center and Director of the UC Pavement Research Center.

November 2019:
Topic: Climate Action Planning
Click here for the meeting notes.
Click here for the presentation from the California Department of Health
Click here for the presentation on the East Bay Energy Watch Emissions Inventory

September 2019:
Topic: Electric Vehicle Readiness
Click here for the Meeting Notes
Click here for the Presentation on the Contra Costa Electric Vehicle Readiness Blueprint

June 2019:
Topic: Engaging Your Community
Meeting Notes
Cleaner Contra Costa Challenge Presentation
SunShares Presentation

March 2019: 
Topic: Waste and Single Use Plastics
Talkin Trash at the Sustainability Exchange (PDF)
SUD Ordinance Presentation (PDF)
Meeting Notes (PDF)

November 2018: 

This workshop, which was open to community partners and had 55 participants, features a workshop with ecoAmerica on how to communicate with diverse audiences about climate issues.
Presentation (PDF)
Meeting Notes (PDF)

July 2018: Contra Costa Naval Weapons Station
Presentation (PDF)
Meeting Notes (PDF)

May 2018: Visit to Antioch Dunes National Wildlife Refuge

Note: There were no notes from this meeting, which occurred largely at the Refuge. 

January 2018: Autonomous Vehicles
Presentation (PDF)
Meeting Notes (PDF)

October 2017: Reporting Back from Prior Meetings and Small Group Collaboration
Meeting Notes (PDF)

July 2017: Online Tools for Community Engagement on Climate and Sustainability
Meeting Notes (PDF)

April 2017: Communicating Effectively on Sustainability
Meeting Notes (PDF)