Program Aspects

Four Program Aspects

The program is divided into four categories:

  • School
  • Work experience
  • Recreation
  • Counseling

Mt. McKinley High School

All minors entering the program are assessed by school staff and placed on a track to earn a high school diploma, GED or to earn transferable credits to their home schools. All minors attend the on-site school five days a week.

Work Experience

Work experience includes janitorial, landscaping, food service and laundry for which the residents earn school work experience. Staff guide the boys in maintaining the ranch.


Recreation is provided on-site, including various organized sports and swimming. Sport teams compete against other ranch teams as well as local high schools.



Counseling takes place in individual and group formats conducted by staff. Each probation counselor has direct oversight of a caseload assigned to them to ensure that various requirements are being met.

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