Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council (JJCC)

The Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council (JJCC) will advise the Board of Supervisors on the development and implementation of a multi-agency juvenile justice plan composed of several critical parts, including, but not limited to an assessment of existing law enforcement, probation, education, mental health, health, social services, drug and alcohol and youth services resources which specifically target at-risk juveniles, juvenile offenders, and their families; an identification and prioritization of the neighborhoods, schools, and other areas in the community that face a significant public safety risk from juvenile crime. The Council will also coordinate on a countywide basis the work of those governmental and non-governmental organizations engaged in activities designed to reduce the incidence of juvenile crime and delinquency in the greater community, develop information and intelligence-sharing systems to ensure that county actions are fully coordinated, and provide data and appropriate outcome measures.

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List of Committee Seats that consist of twenty (20) members:

Ten (10) ex-officio voting members:

• Chief Probation Officer, as Chair

• District Attorney’s Office representative

• Public Defender’s Office representative

• Sheriff’s Office representative

• Board of Supervisors’ representative

• Employment and Human Services Department representative

• Behavioral Health Services representative

• Alcohol and Other Drugs Division representative

• Public Health representative

• Juvenile Justice Commission Chair

Ten (10) additional voting members are to be selected and appointed by the Board of Supervisors, as follows:

• City Police Department representative

• County Office of Education or a School District representative

• Four (4) At-Large members, residing or working within County of Contra Costa

• Two (2) Community-Based Organization representatives

• Two (2) At-Large youth, fourteen to twenty-one years old and residing or working within County of Contra Costa

For questions please contact:

Debbie Caldwell
Executive Secretary
Email Debbie Caldwell

2021-2022 Consolidated Annual Plan: Download Plan (PDF)