Ambrose Park and Recreation District
3105 Willow Pass Road
Bay Point, CA 94565

Council Members

Name Title Appointment
Saima Shah Council member Seat 1
Eva Garcia Secretary Seat 2
Lupe Lopez Garcia Council member Seat 3
Marcia Lessley Council member Seat 4
Debra Mason Chair Seat 5
Sterling Stevenson Council member Seat 6
Charles Tremaine Council member Seat 7
The Council shall advise the Board on: Services which are or may be provided to the Bay Point community by the County or other local government agencies. Such services include, but are not limited to public health, safety, welfare, public works and planning. The feasibility of organizing the existing special districts serving the Bay Point community in order to more efficiently provide public services such as, but not limited to water, sewer, fire and parks and recreation. The council may also represent the Bay Point community before the Local Agency Formation Commission on proposed boundary changes affecting the community, represent the Bay Point community before the County Planning Commissions and the Zoning Administrator on land use and other planning matters affecting the community. In this regard the Council shall cooperate with other planning advisory bodies in the Bay Point area in order to avoid duplication and delay in the planning process. Provide input and reports to the Board, County staff or any County hearing body on issues of concern to the Bay Point community.
Established: 12/19/1989. Resolution No. 89/816 (West Pittsburg MAC); Committee selection, powers, and authority amended eff 12/19/2006 Resolution No. 2006/787 and renamed to the Bay Point MAC.
Sunset Date: 12/31/2016 unless the Board of Supervisors has taken action to extend the Council's existence.
Legal Authority: 12/19/2006. Resolution Number 2006/787.
Reports To: Nominating District Supervisor
Membership: The Council shall consist of seven (7) members, who shall be residents of Bay Point and who shall be selected and appointed by the Board of Supervisors, upon nomination by the District V Supervisor as stated in Resolution No. 2007/787
Office Term: Effective January 2009, MAC member terms shall be coterminous to the term of the nominating District Supervisor.
Term Limits:
Meeting Time:
1st Tuesday of Every month at 7pm. Location: Ambrose Recreation and Park District, 3105 Willow Pass Road  Bay Point, CA 94565
Compensation: None
For Information Contact: Vincent Manuel, Deputy Chief of Staff, (925) 608-4200