Tax Bills

Due Dates

Most unsecured bills are mailed before July 31. These bills must be paid on or before August 31. If the bill is mailed after July 31, the delinquent date is extended to the end of the month following the bill's issuance.

For example, if your bill is mailed in September, the delinquent date would be October 31. If your payment was not received or postmarked by the delinquent date, a 10% penalty and a $30 collection fee would be added to your bill. If your bill remained unpaid for two additional months, a monthly penalty of 1.5% would accrue (an 18% per annum rate).

In addition, if a certificate of tax lien is recorded, an additional fee will be required at the recorder's office to release the lien.

Failure to receive a tax bill does not relieve the responsibility for payment, nor constitutes cause for cancellation of penalty if the tax becomes delinquent.

NOTE: The penalty of 10% shown on the stub of your bill is not applied until the delinquency date. Do not include the penalty if payment is made on or before that date.

Payment Coupon Mailing Address

As part of a cost-saving measure, tax payments are sent directly to a "lockbox" center of the county's depository bank. Several times a day, including weekends, payments are received at the Los Angeles mailing address preprinted on the coupon and delivered to the center for processing. There, checks are immediately scanned and deposited directly into the bank account. It is imperative to have sufficient funds in your personal bank account before mailing your tax payment. Our office does not redeposit checks for insufficient funds.

Billing Questions

If the assessee name or the property being assessed is incorrect, contact the assessor's office at 925-313-7600. If it's between the dates of July 2 and November 30 contact the assessment appeals board.

In the meantime, you must still pay the taxes by the due date in order to avoid penalties, liens and enforced collections. Should the taxes be reduced later, a refund will be issued.

Information about the appeals process can be obtained by calling 925-655-2000 or writing to:
Clerk of the Assessment Appeals Board
1025 Escobar Street
Suite 150, 1st Floor
Martinez, CA 94553

If the tax rate is incorrect, contact the auditor's office, property tax division, at 925-608-9320.