Virtual Billing and Scheduler (VBS)

Secured, Supplemental and Unsecured taxes can be scheduled in advance for any date up to and including the delinquent date – on a yearly basis. A reminder notice is sent to the subscribers registered email 7 to 30 days prior to the delinquent date and text message reminders are an option as well. Subsequent year’s taxes are NOT automatically scheduled. When the next years bill is issued the subscriber will be notified by email that their bill is available to view and schedule or pay.

​The service is a collaborative effort between the Tax Collector’s office and its third-party online payment processor – KUBRA. If you have made online payments for Contra Costa County property taxes in the past few years, your payment was processed through KUBRA. The VBS service is not affiliated with your E-Billing or E-Reminder subscription and, therefore, your E-Billing or E-Reminder subscription with the Treasurer-Tax Collector's Office will not be affected. However, the VBS service has the capability to send similar notifications, including text messages (SMS) regarding the status of your tax bill(s).

​View the VBS website.