Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ)


Is your company part of the solution? Using recycled materials to make new products is on the solution side of the solution/problem equation. If the answer is 'yes', then your company may be eligible for some great perks. For instance, the Recycling Market Development Zone Loan Program offers low interest rates to eligible borrowers located within a zone. See the map below to view the Contra Costa County RMDZ boundaries.

There are many other resources available to companies who make recycled content products and reduce waste in manufacturing. The Contra Costa County RMDZ developed this website to assist businesses who utilize recycled materials in their processes.

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State Information about RMDZ

Resource Guide for Recycling-Based Businesses (PDF) - Includes information about financial assistance, technical assistance, business development assistance, recyclable materials supplies assistance, and permitting/regulatory compliance assistance.

Business Resources - Includes financing, grants, business development, green business, and other resources for businesses