Capital Road Improvement and Preservation Program


The Capital Road Improvement & Preservation Program (CRIPP) is a programming document for the funding of capital road improvement projects within

Contra Costa County. It includes estimated project costs, funding source information, and scheduling information for known potential projects within the next seven fiscal years. It also includes revenue projections and a summary of estimated project-related expenditures for each funding source.

Approval of the CRIPP by the Board of Supervisors does not automatically approve each individual project listed in the CRIPP. Each project in the CRIPP is subject to a separate public review, engineering feasibility analysis, and environmental assessment before the Board of Supervisors will consider final approval of the project.

As more information is gathered about a project, the Public Works Department may determine that the project will cost more than originally estimated for reasons not known at this time. In such a case the Public Works Department will study various alternatives to find a solution to the funding shortfall. The Public Works Department will adjust subsequent CRIPPs to reflect any changes in project scope or cost.

The project costs in the CRIPP are for the current year. The CRIPP does not escalate the project costs for future inflation. A large portion of the funding programmed in the CRIPP is from fees associated with the Area of Benefit (AOB) programs, which are adjusted yearly to provide for inflation. Since the ongoing Area of Benefit program inflates the majority of the revenue in the CRIPP, and since the CRIPP is updated every year, the added complication and expense of inflating revenue and construction costs in the CRIPP is not justified. Anyone using this document, as a planning device, should adjust the project costs as appropriate.


The CRIPP was established by Resolution 89/306 under the County Road Improvement Policy (attached as Appendix A). The Policy was authorized by Government Code Section 66002 and is required under the Growth Management Element of the Contra Costa Transportation and Growth Management Program Ordinance approved by the voters in November 1988 (Measure C-88). Measure C-88 required that each participating local agency develop a five-year CRIPP to meet and/or maintain traffic service and performance standards. In 1991, the CRIPP was expanded to cover seven years to conform to the Congestion Management Plan, and in 1992 the CRIPP update was changed to a biennial schedule. In 2007, the CRIPP format was changed to place more emphasis on projects with funding and less on projects without funding. Section II was changed and separated into three sub-sections. The three sub-sections were grouped based on each project's funding status. The three funding statuses are active projects, proposed projects, and projects awaiting fund allocation. The reason for these changes is to provide a quicker method to update the CRIPP. It is Public Works' intention to update the CRIPP annually instead of biennially.

2022 CRIPP - FINAL (PDF) Large file; takes longer to download

2022 CRIPP - FINAL - Reduced file size (PDF)

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