Workers' Compensation Fraud Unit


Contra Costa County created a dedicated unit to prosecute workers compensation insurance fraud in 1992. The unit investigates and prosecutes all forms of fraud in the workers compensation insurance system, including health care provider fraud and kickback schemes, insider fraud by insurance professionals, fraud employers underreporting payroll or misclassifying workers to evade their insurance premiums, and claimant fraud by workers who make false statements or hide information in order to obtain, prolong, or increase insurance benefits.

If you are aware of any of these forms of fraud occurring in Contra Costa County please email us. Employees who report fraud by their employers may be protected from retaliation by California's whistleblower statute in Labor Code section 1102.5.

The unit also protects workers by ensuring the enforcement of California's Labor Code section 3700.5, the requirement that employers obtain workers compensation insurance covering their employees before permitting them to work.