Life Insurance

Group Term Life Insurance (County Paid)

$10,000 County-paid Term Life Insurance is in accordance with the terms negotiated by bargaining unit, MOU, or Management Resolution. Life Insurance is offered through ING ReliaStar Life Insurance Company (ReliaStar) to all employees whose permanent status is 20/40 or greater and enrolled in a health and/or dental plan option. Please read the Employee Group Life Insurance Plan (PDF)for the Schedule of Benefits and other important information.

Group County-paid Term Life Insurance of $40,000 to $50,000 is offered through ReliaStar to employees in designated management classes.


Voluntary Supplemental Life Insurance (Employee Paid)

Voluntary Supplemental Life Insurance is available to purchase through ReliaStar. Employees may elect from $20,000 up to $500,000 of coverage. Spouse, domestic partner, and dependent children coverage is also available. Certification, Schedule of Benefits and other details are included in the Supplemental Life Insurance Plan Booklet.

Supplemental Life Insurance Plan Booklet (PDF).

Employees are eligible for this program within 60 days of hire (automatically accepted and eligible for up to $100,000 of coverage with no evidence of insurability). Otherwise, an employee may complete and submit evidence of insurability forms to the carrier for consideration. Contact the Employee Benefits Service Unit for additional information.

More detailed information and enrollment forms are included for your reference:

Forms are printable only: New Hire Life and AD & D Insurance Enrollment Form (PDF)

Please submit to the following address:

Contra Costa County
Employee Benefits Service Unit
651 Pine Street
5th Floor
Martinez, CA 94553

Evidence of Insurability (PDF) (required for amounts greater than $100,000).

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