New Hire Enrollment Instructions

Your New Hire letter will instruct you how to enroll into your benefits online.

It is important that you complete the online enrollment within thirty days of hire. Benefits coverage are effective the 1st of the month after completing 30 days of employment.

Here are the PeopleSoft Employee Self Service login instructions:

  • Visit the PeopleSoft Employee Login
  • Enter your User ID - This is your 5-digit employee ID number (do not enter a prefix of "CCC")
  • Enter your Password - Your new password is made up of your 4 digit birth year + the last 4 digits of your Social Security number. Example: User ID is 12345 (numeric only - 5 digits) Password is 19651234 (no spaces)
  • If you forgot your password, use the "Forgot your Password" feature. A temporary password will be emailed to you. Benefits coverage are effective the 1st of the month after completing 30 days of employment.


Adding Dependents

If adding dependents, provide copy of marriage certificate (spouse), birth certificate (children/stepchildren/domestic partner children), certificate of domestic partnership (domestic partner). Please note domestic partner has to be covered in the plan in order to include domestic partner’s children. You must also enter the social security number for each dependent you are adding to the plan.

New hires also have the option to enroll in the Dependent Care Assistance Program (DCAP) at the time of hire (with a thirty day enrollment deadline). This can also be done online.

Flex Spending Accounts

Available to all County employees. The County offers pretax programs for both Dependent Care Assistance Program (DCAP) or Health Care Spending Account (HCSA). You may enroll in DCAP at the time you are hired; however, you must wait six months before you become eligible to enroll in HCSA. 

More information on Dependent Care Assistance Program (DCAP)

More information on Health Care Spending Account (HCSA).

Health Savings Account

Available to all County employees enrolled in the Kaiser High Deductible Medical Plan. Find more information on Health Savings.

Deferred Compensation Plan (Plan 457)

Optional Enrollment. This retiree savings plan is offered as an addition to the County retirement plan for all County employees.

More info on Deferred Compensation.

If you are a member of the Labor Coalition or Unrepresented Management and not a rehire, you may be eligible for the Deferred Compensation Special Benefit. More information on Special Benefit.

We recommend that you become familiar with the following benefits the County offers to its employees. Refer to either your MOU or the Management Resolution to see which benefits are available to you.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

This program is offered to all County employees and is not determined by Bargaining Unit. The Employee Assistance Program is a voluntary, confidential assessment and referral service specifically designed to assist you and your family in handling personal and employment problems. More on EAP.

Computer Vision Care (CVC):

Eligibility is determined by Bargaining Unit for employees working 2 or more hours per day on a computer terminal. More info on CVC.

Disability Insurance

Depending on your bargaining unit you are eligible for State Disability and/or Long Term Disability Insurance. View the following insurance options:

State Disability Insurance: Refer to your MOU to determine if you are eligible for the SDI Buyback program.

Physicians & Dentists (PDF) Long Term Disability for members of 1P, 1R Bargaining Units

Management (PDF) Long Term Disability for members of K6, KZ, 2I, QC, JD, V, MA, HA, BF, AS, A8, BD, BS, BT, B8, B9, CC, CH, CL, C8, F8, 8C, 8I, 8J Bargaining Units

Catastrophic Leave Bank

Eligible Employees (represented by the Labor Coalition or unrepresented management) may contribute a portion of their vacation, compensatory time, or floating holiday accruals to a Countywide Catastrophic Leave Bank. Eligible employees experiencing a qualifying catastrophic event in their personal lives may apply for accruals from the bank if all of their accruals have been exhausted due to a serious injury or long term illness. More info on Catastrophic Leave Bank.

Kids at Work

 See Kids at Work.

PERS Long Term Care (LTC)