Pesticide Regulation

Pest Control Businesses

Businesses that perform pest control for hire including, but not limited to, advertising, soliciting or operating as a pest control business in Contra Costa County, must possess the proper license from the Structural Pest Control Board or the Department of Pesticide Regulation and be registered with the Contra Costa County Department of Agriculture.

Grower and Farm Labor Contractor Resources

Agriculture is an important driver of our local economy. The Department of Agriculture provides outreach and regulatory support for our growers, their employees, and other fieldworkers.

Pesticide Use Reporting and Data

Structural and agricultural pest control businesses, as well as growers, ranchers, and other entities that hold an operator identification number or restricted materials permit, are required to submit pesticide use reports (PURs) to our office. Summaries of Contra Costa County's pesticide use data are compiled for public information.