National Weather Service Forecasts

National Weather Service Graphical Forecast Information

National Weather Service Graphical Forecasts link for the San Francisco/Monterey area.

This link should take you to a view of the Bay Area on the  If not, zoom to the Bay area.

In the pull-down menu, find with the "Precip Amount (in)" option. The map will show the QPF (Quantitative Precipitation Forecast), which is the forecast amount of rainfall at the end of the time shown in the "slider" above the map. 

Note the amount of forecast precipitation shown on the map in Contra Costa County and the time the map is valid for at the bottom of the map.

Move the slider bar or click the buttons on either end of it to change the 6-hour time window QPF.

National Weather Service 3-Month Outlooks

NWS 3-Month OutlooksThe National Weather Service (NWS) provides three month temperature and precipitation outlooks several months in the future. This site may be useful in understanding what the NWS currently predicts will occur in the coming months relative to the normal, or average, temperature and rainfall.

National Weather Service 3-Month Outlooks (Single Month)
National Weather Service 3-Month Outlooks (Multi-Month)

On that NWS pages, the upper map(s) is(are) for temperature and the lower map(s) for precipitation. Clicking a map opens it in a larger format to allow a closer look.

The three letters before the year (eg. ASO) are the letters for the months.

    ASO = August September October
    SON = September October November
    OND = October November December  
    etc. . . .

Note: The Contra Costa County Flood Control & Water Conservation District does not provide weather forecasts or predictions. Some NWS pages are experimental and their web addresses and content change from time to time

National Weather Service Warnings

National Weather Service Warnings and Forecasts web site link for the San Francisco/Monterey area. 

To access detailed information about your area, click on your location on the map. It will zoom in and give you detailed warning and forecast information. 

Red-lettered link below the heading "7-Day Area Forecast" includes current NWS warnings.

To become familiar with the different warning levels, click on "National" on the left menu and look at warnings in other areas of the country.